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Today, more and more people are looking to get involved in the world of software programming and computer science. As we become more technologically advanced, coding, web development, and IT are becoming indispensable skill that is only increasing in demand. If you are someone that has honestly considered becoming trained in computer programming, there are a lot of options. One such option is Edureka.

Edureka is a popular online learning platform that is focused on computer programming and software development such as digital marketing and coding languages. They have well over 400,000 students as well as thousands of hours of technical training.

That said, many people are curious about Edureka and what makes it stand out compared to all of the other options out there. In this breakdown, we are going to go over what Edureka is, what features do they offer, how much the platform costs, and, most of all, how much it costs to apply.

So with that all being said, let’s jump into it.

What is Edureka?

As with many others out there, Edureka is what is known as a MOOC (massive open online course) platform that is focused exclusively on computer development and software programming. When compared to other online learning platforms on the market, it is very similar to companies like LinkedIn Learning (our LinkedIn Learning review), DataCamp (our DataCamp review), or Codecademy (our Codecademy review).

Originally founded in 2011 in Bangalore, Edureka was created by the duo Lovleen Bhatia and Kapil Tyagi. Since then, the platform has grown in scope and subjects. It now has several courses in a number of other tech-based subjects that go beyond standard computer programming, such as artificial intelligencecloud computing, and blockchain just to name a few.

Edureka offers its students live interactive sessions as well as hands-on practical assignments so that each student has the highest chance of acquiring, retaining, and applying the information in the class. The platform also is connected with numerous educational institutions and universities as well as many highly trained professors. Students that successfully complete their respective course will be given a certificate upon completion which verifies and substantiates their knowledge in the particular course of question. We will go over this certificate in more detail later; however, it is important to know that, from a surface-level look alone, Edureka is better than the majority of other online learning platforms to date.

How Legit is Edureka?

As stated earlier, from an overall look, Edureka is worth your consideration over the vast majority of other online platforms available today. In terms of “legitimacy”, it will always depend on exactly what you are looking for in a learning course or a MOOC. If you are looking to improve your skills in programming and computer science without expecting a particular outcome, Edureka is incredibly useful as a platform. Their courses are run and developed by highly qualified instructors while also being very streamlined and easy to go through.

That said, Edureka does not have an accredited certificate. This means you are not guaranteed a position in any company nor are any of the courses transferable as a credit to any university or learning institution. If you are looking to get an education on programming with the expectation that you’ll definitely get a job, you may want to look at some of the other online platforms out there such as edX (our edX review).

Benefits to using Edureka

If you look at Edureka, you are likely to come across many of the same benefits and features found in many other online learning courses and platforms. As with many other MOOCs out there, Edureka offers numerous courses and subjects, flexible hours, and certification upon completion.

That being said, there are a number of different and unique aspects to the platform that are often not included in an online e-learning company’s curriculum.

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  • Industry Relevant Case Studies
  • Instructor-led Live Courses
  • Dedicated Learning Manager
  • Lifetime Access to Content


Industry Relevant Case Studies

Whereas most other platforms use hypothetical content, Edureka is one of the very few that will actually offer practical and relevant projects to show how the information is effectively applied in real life. Here, they use numerous project scenarios that are taking place in companies now and will regularly update them so that they are consistently relevant to the times. This ultimately results in students, when actually moving on to a job position, actually knowing what to do rather than have a “hypothetical understanding”.

Instructor-led Live Courses

Generally in most MOOCs, the courses and lessons are offered without too much interaction between the instructor and the students. In fact, in many other platforms, the classes are either pre-recorded or the students can only ask for assistance after the fact.

Edureka changes this scenario completely. While students can certainly engage in lessons on their own time, classes are regularly done live where the student can actively sit in on and learn from in real-time. Not only does this make learning in and of itself easier than from a recording, students can also directly ask the instructor for help during the lesson so that they can more effectively understand what is happening, giving them personalized attention.

Dedicated Learning Manager

Another great benefit that comes uniquely to Edureka is its dedicated learning manager. Rather than simply leave a person to their own devices the moment after signing up, students are allocated an excellent tool that will help them go through their options on the site. This can range from live class reminders to various course options available to even setting up batch timings or helping measure a student’s progress.

A manager is a great option that can be used for virtually any issue that comes up so that students can get the most out of their individual class.

Lifetime Access to Content

Finally, Edureka offers its students complete access to any course purchased on the platform. There, using their learning management system (LMS), they can rewatch previous class recordings as well as any additional reading material offered for that particular class.

The reason this is something worth noting is the “lifetime” aspect of it. Instead of only holding onto the material for a month to a year’s time, because of their payment method, all courses are freely accessed by students at any time they want.

Top 5 Courses on Edureka

In addition to the different and unique benefits only found on the platform, Edureka also has a number of different courses available as well. While many of them are found in a number of other online technical schools, Edureka is most well known for its emphasis and focus around specific types of software programming. Courses like artificial intelligenceblockchain, or big data are often given more attention and focus compared to other MOOCs, ensuring a deeper understanding of the material as a result.

While there are thousands of different available courses on the platform, these are the top 5 options that all students should consider learning about and are unique to Edureka in terms of attention given.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile Development
  • Project Management & Methodologies
  • Big Data


Artificial Intelligence

One of their most popular subjects, Artificial Intelligence classes teach on Deep Learning and Machine Learning and trains students on using cutting-edge technology, making them more appealing to companies as a result.

Edureka offers certification courses in both Mahout and TensorFlow.


As a way to keep up with the development in the world now, Edureka has numerous courses, classes, and certification training on Blockchain. As with other certification courses, these are great additions for a resume if looking to work with a Blockchain developer.

This course will help users more readily understand how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger work as well as how to effectively complete a transactional method. All these things will build up a student’s knowledge, making them indispensable as a result.

Mobile Development

Because of the incredible amount of media time being spent towards mobile apps (over 89% as per a recent Neilsen study) Edureka offers a robust and fleshed out training program for individuals looking to become certified in developing apps on Android and iOS.

Courses offered for either certification trainings are offered at different times throughout the week and are usually around 5 weeks long.

Project Management & Methodologies

Project Management & Methodologies (also known as PMP) trains students in acquiring a PMP certification. This essentially trains a student in financing infrastructure as well as various projects.

Their 2 separate courses, ITL and Six Sigma are effective in getting an aspiring professional into this area as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Big Data

As the world is run by Big Data, is vitally important that students are trained on its use. This course option effectively trains students into becoming extremely skilled professionals that can regularly work with the information and grow their careers.

There are numerous certification courses for Big Data, ranging from Data Science to Hadoop, to Data Analytics.

What is the Masters Program?

As with most other MOOCs on the market today, Erudeka has a curated curriculum that focuses intensely on a particular subject. Known as the Masters Program, these established set of courses help firmly establish a knowledge base for their student so that they have all the tools needed for their particular area. Master Programs are much longer than standard courses and can, on average range between 200 and 250 hours to complete.

Here is a list of just some of the different Master Programs available:

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  • Big Data Architect Masters Program
  • Cloud Architect Masters Program
  • Data Science Masters Program
  • DevOps Engineer Masters Program
  • Full Stack Web Developer Masters Program
  • Data Analytics Masters Program


How Much Does Edureka Cost?

While most online learning platforms use a monthly subscription service, the same is actually not true for Edureka. Instead, their pricing model is largely based on the purchasing of individual courses. Because each individual course varies in overall length, subject relevance, and level of complexity, the prices themselves can also vary wildly between one course and another.

Here is a look at some of the most popular courses available on the site as well as some of their benefits:

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  • Full Stack Web Developer Training: A Master Program that focuses on full-stack web development. This course costs around $999
  • Machine Learning Course: A Masters Program that trains students on the latest advancements and approaches to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This course costs around $1,499
  • Python Spark Certification TrainingAvailable as an option to be audited, this certification course helps students master skills required to use Python and become a Spark developer. It costs around $449
  • Cybersecurity Certification TrainingA certification training course that teaches its students important concepts about cybersecurity such as cryptography and ethical hacking. It costs around $289


Monthly Subscription vs Single Payment

For many, there may be a bit of apprehension when hearing about a different payment model. After all, virtually every other platform, from Codecademy to MasterClass, uses a subscription-based payment option.

Briefly, it’s important to break down some of the pros and cons to either option so that you can see whether or not it is worth the investment.

Monthly Subscription Pros

Larger Content Access: As subscription-based material is based around continually charging users, they generally allow all but very specific courses to be included in their library of options. This gives a person a higher sense of value for their money spent.

Cheaper Upfront Costs: Subscription-based models, in an effort to convince you to stay on for as long as possible, will charge fairly low prices up front. This can often range between the $10-30 a month range. Ultimately, this allows a student to enjoy a larger library of information at what seems like a very low price.

Can Cancel at any time: One of the great things about subscription models is that students can use them for just as much time as they want. This means that, after a certain period of time, if you are no longer getting the benefit, you can simply end your service, oftentimes immediately.

Monthly Subscription Cons

Temporary Access: One of the downsides to a subscription service is the fact that it is available to you up until your membership is terminated. If you cannot pay or no longer wish to stay subscribed, all content you’ve used will immediately become blocked, whether you’ve gone through it already or not.

Extended Costs: While it is cheaper upfront, over time the costs can add up greatly, easily dwarfing the single payment options depending on the platform in question.

Restricted Content: Subscription-based material will often have a higher-tiered subscription or a separate add-on that is offered on top of your current pricing. This often results in you having to pay out even more money to get ahold of what is often considered even better material.

Single Payment Pros

Single Price Payment: While it is more upfront, a single payment option is just that – a single payment option. This means that, once you’ve initially paid for the course you don’t have to worry about it again.

Permanent Access: When purchasing a course through a single payment, the course can be used and reviewed indefinitely as opposed to whether you are subscribed.

Cheaper Costs over Time: Not only are single payment options singular in their costs, but they are also generally much cheaper over the long term. Not only that, but there are often many scholarships and discounts available that reduce the price even further.

Single Payment Cons

Higher Upfront Costs: Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that even with discounts and a singular price tag, single payment options are going to most likely be very expensive upfront compared to subscription models.

Very Limited Access: Because each course or program is its own purchase, the platform’s entire content is blocked behind its own individual price, all of which being varying degrees of expensive.

Potentially Stuck with Course: Often, a single payment option will have a federally chosen minimum return policy. This means that they can offer a refund, at the minimum, between the first 7 days of purchase. If you manage to stay with the product for longer than that, you would be stuck with it even if you aren’t a fan of the content.

Does Edureka have a Certificate upon Completion?

As mentioned earlier, Edureka does in fact have a certificate upon completion. While not accredited, it can be used on your resume or portfolio as a viable showcasing of your technical abilities. Particularly with the Masters programs, even if a certificate cannot guarantee you a position in any company, it is often compelling enough to help compete against others from some of the other online platforms.

Because of this, while they are not accredited or a 100% guarantee for a position, Edureka certificates are fairly valuable in boosting your existing resume greatly.

Who Will Benefit Most from Edureka?

Interestingly, virtually everyone will greatly benefit from Edureka. While other MOOCs are ideal for beginners and intermediates or for those that are heavily advanced, Edureka is great for everyone. It has numerous courses that can effectively bring a student up to speed on the foundations and fundamentals of a subject while also having intense course projects that are expected of the best of the best.

The great part behind the fact that it is a single payment option is the fact that, based on your individual level and what you are looking to gain knowledge on, you can decide just how easy or difficult the course is and how much you get out of it.