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How we evaluate online learning platforms

How We Make Online Learning Platform Reviews

We know that almost every reader of our site is interested in how we make online learning platform reviews, and most importantly, what aspects of the online learning platform do we rely on when writing reviews. Here are our TOP criteria that we take on very seriously.
Content Quality
When deciding which online learning platform best suits your needs, the most important thing is the content quality. That's why we do not recommend every single platform available online, only quality platforms.

The second most important aspect is pricing. Everyone is looking to get the best for the money. That is why we take the pricing bit very seriously and give you only the best advice.

Certifications are essential for every professional, period. Some certifications are given for free on every course completion, while recognized certifications cost money and require some more effort from you as a student. We take certifications very seriously.

User Experience
An attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly interface is crucial for every good online learning platform. The UI of the platform should be so good that you would want to come back again and again. We make sure of it in our genuine recommendations.

Unique Features
While many online learning platforms share the same kind of features, some do offer unique ones. Unique features not only can make the learning process more effective and interesting but also can help you land your dream job faster. That is why this is also on our consideration list when reviewing online learning platforms.
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