Pluralsight Subscriptions: Premium vs Personal

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Staying on the cutting edge of the technology industry is a hard-fought battle. It is a constant struggle to continually improve yourself and your skills to ensure that when the next opportunity arises you are ready to grab for it. Getting yourself the proper resources is imperative to success, and Pluralsight offers a couple of options that will help you succeed. In deciding between the two different subscription plans you need to consider the impact on your career, and the return on your investment.

To make sure that you use your time most efficiently, and maximize every moment, a premium Pluralsight subscription is your best bet. The value that the subscription brings to the table will have you at the forefront of your field before you know it.


When deciding between the two Pluralsight subscription options, weigh not only the cost of the subscription but also the value of the options available to each. Both subscriptions are an incredible value, but the premium option will allow your learning to progress at a blistering pace and make you aware as soon as you are ready to enter the workforce. You may be surprised how quickly you can be ready to jump feet first into the fast-moving and exciting world of technology.

Core Pluralsight Subscription Features

The Core Pluralsight subscription features will be available to you whether you select the Personal or Premium subscription options. These are the basic features of Pluralsight and provide a solid foundation for the development of your technology, and technology-related skills. The core Pluralsight subscription features will have you learning all-new skills in a fast and efficient manner. You’ll soon find that you have mastered a wide variety of in-demand skills that will help you to secure a job in today’s exploding technology sector.

Access to the Entire Course Library

A core feature of either Pluralsight subscription is access to the entirety of their course library. Thousands of courses covering hundreds of different aspects of everything from software development to web application security. With access to all of these courses, the information you need to improve your skills will be at your fingertips!

Many of the available topics are related to one another. You’ll find courses on Java, and Android development and both of these skills will compliment each other if you are working towards becoming a mobile developer. Perhaps however you are hoping to work in AI, and the courses on machine learning and python will be more interesting to you. Pluralsight’s course offerings are in the thousands, and there is an immense amount of information available to you.

Follow Learning Paths

When building skills in any technology-related field, many will be intimidated by the sheer volume of information available. Pluralsight offers a guide of sorts that they refer to as Learning Paths. Learning Paths help you to learn the information in order, ensuring that the skills you are learning are building on skills you have already learned and that you are not exposed to content that you still lack the foundation to understand. By introducing new tops that build on those that have already been covered, you will be able to learn faster, and more efficiently by following these plans.

Create Channels

Many in the technology sector rely on multiple skill sets to perform their jobs. To learn each of these skills independently of one another is less efficient and can take considerably longer. Pluralsight understands this concern and has devised a system to help you conquer that challenge. With Channels, you can combine sections of different courses and paths, to create a course tailored specifically to you. Combine and follow their Web Development course with the React and JavaScript courses, and you can be a web developer in no time at all.

Engage the Community

Engaging with others who are experts in the field or happen to be learning alongside you will always have a positive impact on your retention of the material, as well as your understanding of more complex concepts. Pluralsight offers you a community in which you can have these discussions to ensure that you have a well-rounded learning environment. You won’t have to learn everything on your own.

Samples and Exercise Files

With either of the Pluralsight subscriptions, you’ll have access to extensive resources related to each course. You’ll get access to the author’s notes, course slides, examples, source code, and much more! Having access to this background information will allow you to dive a little bit deeper when your curiosity has been peaked. With this added depth, your skills are bound to improve quickly.

Mobile and TV Apps with Offline Viewing

You’ll be able to learn anywhere with Pluralsight’s mobile and TV apps with video courses that are available offline. Whether you’re at your computer, sitting on your couch, or even on the train, you’ll always be able to access the course you’re working on. Ensuring that you’re able to maximize any amount of downtime you have ensures that you will improve your skills quickly, and your career will grow and evolve with them.

Pluralsight’s Assessments and Quizzes

Both the personal and premium Pluralsight subscriptions come with a variety of assessments available to the learner. As most people are aware, taking tests comes with a huge benefit for learning. When you do well you reward yourself for having learned so much, and when you do poorly you identify areas of study which you should spend more time on. Pluralsight doesn’t penalize you for doing poorly on a test, these assessments are for you to know how well your learning is going. By building assessments into your learning strategy, you’ll improve your retention of course materials, and quickly master a variety of skills.

Skill IQ

These tests are designed to figure out exactly where your skill level sits currently. These are adaptive tests that will quickly determine where the edge of your current knowledge lies, and then make recommendations on where to start on the course material. These assessments ensure that you are not duplicating your effort if you started learning elsewhere, or you are simply refreshing or improving the skills you already possess. This is a time-saver and again ensures that you as the learner are using your time as efficiently as possible.

An assessment such as this is very important to an individual in the learning process. You may discover, that while you are aware and have an understanding of many of the advanced features of a tool you are using, you lack understanding of one of its basic principles, and as a result, have difficulties with some portions of the material. If you decided as to where to start yourself, you may not have identified this weakness in your skills, but Pluralsight will help to find the holes, and help you to fill them in the easiest way possible.

pluralsight skill iq

Role IQ

Perhaps targeted at those already in the field, but if you know the career you are pursuing, role IQ can help you determine when you have the skills to be successful there! Technology is ever-changing, and the rate at which it changes moves faster every day. With Pluralsight, you’ll be able to monitor where your skills stand concerning your current position and use that information to secure your next job or big promotion that much sooner. We are our own worst critics, Pluralsight’s Role IQ will give you an honest answer about your skills, and when you are ready.

pluralsight role iq

Course Learning Checks

The easiest way to monitor your retention of course materials is to take a quick quiz on the content. Pluralsight offers Course Learning Checks which are short quizzes, designed to follow the subject matter you are studying, that will let you know how well you have retained the information. These quizzes are invaluable when ensuring that you have a full understanding of the courses you are taking and making sure that when you reach more advanced topics you have already mastered the foundations for them.

Premium Features

We’ve covered the tremendous offerings available in Pluralsight’s personal and premium subscriptions. However, you have to consider all that the premium subscription has to offer before you make your decision. There is a lot of content available in the personal Pluralsight subscription, but if you are truly seeking to enter the technology sector, or are serious about chasing after that promotion, these premium features will go a long way to making sure that happens. These are the features that make Pluralsight shine as an educational resource, ensuring that you can build on your skills and get the career of your dreams.

Pluralsight personal plan price

Certification Practice Exams

When venturing into the technology workforce, you will quickly find that competition is fierce, and getting those jobs requires two things. A good portfolio, and certifications. As you progress in your learning, you will quickly build up a portfolio of work that you can share with prospective employers just by testing yourself with the tools you are learning. When you have learned it, however, you want to be able to prove that you have learned it. That’s where certification comes in.

Certification is rarely if ever free, you will be paying to have your skills assessed, and if they’re not up to par, you will not receive the certification and be out the price of taking the test. Pluralsight doesn’t want that to happen to you and has included a series of certification practice exams in the premium Pluralsight subscription. These practice exams will build your confidence, and make sure that you possess the skills required to obtain that certification. You will feel prepared, and ready for whatever the test may hold.

Interactive Online Courses

It’s easy to follow along with a video on YouTube and build a simple program that runs exactly as they have shown. However, are you ever truly sure that you have retained that information? With Pluralsight’s premium subscription you’ll have access to their interactive online courses. These courses allow you to practice what you’re learning, while you’re learning it and receive guided feedback on just how your learning is going.

Feedback is a necessary part of learning, and while it is possible to learn without guidance, you will learn much more quickly with the right mentor. Pluralsight’s premium subscription allows you to learn on your own when it suits you, but also have access to these interactive courses that will simultaneously teach you and allow you to practice the skills immediately.

Practice Projects

It’s known that practice is the single most important aspect of learning any new skill. With the technology industry, it’s not always immediately evident what you should do or build to practice your skills. You may try and follow tutorials available around the internet, but are you truly mastering the skill, or are you replicating the work of others? With Pluralsight’s practice projects you’ll be able to experience a simulated real-world project and work within your desktop developer environment to complete it.

With these practice projects, you will build an understanding of what it means to bring a project through to completion. You will build skills that many do not possess, such as the ability to plan a project or carry it through to completion independently. You can modify these projects and build them again as part of your portfolio to further impress your prospective employers. These practice projects are one of, if not the most worth-while part of Pluralsight’s premium offering.

Time to Make the Decision

To help shape your decision right, we’d like to offer you to read our comprehensive Pluralsight Review.

You know better than anyone else what your learning needs are. Either subscription with Pluralsight offers amazing value for the amount you spend and will help you improve your skills in the technology workforce. To make sure that you use your time most efficiently, and maximize every moment, a premium Pluralsight subscription is your best bet. The value that the subscription brings to the table will have you at the forefront of your field before you know it.

Technology is an exciting industry. It encompasses and touches more fields that are immediately visible. It seems every industry requires a website, Industries ranging from retail to agriculture rely on AI to build efficiencies into their companies, and data interpretation, manipulation, and storage is perhaps the fastest-growing industry on the planet. There are infinite ways your career could progress with Pluralsight, and you’ll have a real-time view of the most in-demand skills at any given time. The most important step you need to take, however, is to start. You’ll be mastering the skills you need for success in no time at all.