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There are tons of options out there for online learning. Some platforms are focused on formal, university-style courses (for instance Coursera). Others offer huge course catalogs covering every topic under the sun.

So, what is Pluralsight good for? These are the major topics that the Pluralsight has a wealth of information on:

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  • C# / Java / JavaScript / Python / C++
  • DevOps
  • ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core / Angular / React / Node
  • Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS
  • Computer Networking / Cyber Security / Ethical Hacking
  • Professional communication / Project management


If you’ve spent any time reading about the world of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), you might have heard of Pluralsight. Pluralsight is a tech-specific MOOC platform that offers a ton of functionality for professional learners and corporate training teams. This platform is the ideal choice for anyone looking to add tech skills to their professional resume. Its instructors are vetted by experts on Pluralsight’s staff, and courses are evaluated to make sure they’re accurate and offer practical value.


Pluralsight’s approach to skills-based online training is an ideal way to increase your value as an employee or to learn a new tech skill for any purpose.

Just like with all learning environments, Pluralsight has specific areas where it shines. So, if you’re wondering what Pluralsight is especially good for, read on. This guide will cover some of the hottest programming languages, technologies, and tech paradigms where Pluralsight’s platform shines.

Programming Languages

Pluralsight offers courses in tons of programming languages. Programmers at every skill level from beginner to advanced can find valuable coding and software development courses. If you want to add an in-demand skill to your resume, check out Pluralsight’s courses on the following programming languages:


C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET framework. This versatile and easy-to-learn language is already very popular and it’s still growing. C# is used in all sorts of mobile and cloud applications, and it’s also a very popular tool for game development

If you want to learn a language that will get you hired, C# developers are in-demand like never before. Indeed.com currently lists about 24,000 open positions in the United States for C# developers.


Java is the original cross-platform object-oriented programming language. Developed in the mid-1990s by Sun Microsystems, Java is designed to run on any platform where a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed. This means that developers don’t need to rewrite the code for every different platform where their application will be used.

Java may be showing its age in some ways, but it is still almost ubiquitous in web applications and other cross-platform uses from banking to healthcare to mobile gaming. There are currently over 7 million people working with the language worldwide. Indeed.com currently lists about 30,000 open positions for Java developers.


Along with HTML and CSS, Javascript is a key component of web technology. Javascript is a high-level object-oriented programming language that’s widely used for enabling interactive features on websites. According to a report on W3Techs.com, Javascript is used in more than 95% of websites. This ubiquitous technology is the foundation for tons of functionality on the web that most people take for granted. Indeed.com currently lists over 28,000 open positions for Javascript developers.


No other programming language currently in use may have as much buzz as Python. This simple, easy-to-learn, and mega-versatile language is used in some of today’s hottest industries like data mining and analysis, machine learning, and AI, With its active developer community and diverse libraries, Python is hugely adaptable to just about any task involving advanced math, statistics, and probability.

If you’re interested in data science or artificial intelligence, Python is an essential language for you to learn. As artificial intelligence applications become more common, Python coders are increasingly in-demand. There are currently over 29,000 Python developer positions listed on Indeed.com.

Application Frameworks

Coding skills are just one aspect of a successful career in software development. If you want to offer real value as a developer, you’ll need a firm grasp of development frameworks and other technologies. Pluralsight offers courses in a broad range of technologies that will help you put your coding knowledge to use in your job.

Listed here are a few of Pluralsight’s Paths designed to take you through learning some of the most popular application development frameworks in use today.

ASP.NET Core Path on Pluralsight

Authors: Scott Allen, Gill Cleeren, Eric Fisher, Shawn Wildermuth, Steve Gordon, Erik Dahl, Alex Wolf, Roland Guijt, Peter Kellner, Rag Dhiman

Link to the course on Pluralsight here.

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  • Beginner – Learn ASP.NET Core fundamentals including Razor Pages, the MVC pattern, and using ASP.NET Core APIs.
  • Intermediate – Understand ASP.NET Core’s dependency injection framework, request lifecycle, and extension points.
  • Advanced – Add communication to your apps using SignalR. Explore security considerations. Learn to use reusable components. Set up Health Checks.



Authors: Joe Eames, Deborah Kurata, Mark Zamoyta, John Papa, Jim Cooper, Brian Noyes, Duncan Hunter, Brice Wilson, Dan Wahlin

Link to the course on Pluralsight here.

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  • Beginner – Learn Angular core concepts. Understand best practices for Angular apps. Explore features like forms.
  • Intermediate – Explore Angular concepts such as routing, reactive forms, communication, and securing and testing apps.
  • Advanced – Dig deep into Angular architecture and best practices.



Authors: Cory House, Samer Buna, Liam McLennan, Peter Kellner, Hendrik Swanepoel, Jake Trent, Daniel Stern

Link to the course on Pluralsight here.

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  • Beginner – Build a foundation for learning React by exploring fundamentals like component states, the Props object, and JSX.
  • Intermediate – Build apps using Flux and Redux. Secure your apps with Auth0. Learn to style React components.
  • Advanced – Explore advanced topics like API, HOCs, external state, performance optimization, production deployment, testing and building a full-stack app using React.


Concepts, Job Roles, and Other Paradigms

Ready to get meta? Moving up in the world of technology requires gaining a deep understanding of concepts like project management philosophies, administrative paradigms, and the complex sciences involved in networking and security. Pluralsight offers courses in these big-picture topics as well.

Cloud Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are three components of the massive industry revolving around cloud computing. With the ever-increasing pressure on startups to release a sellable product as fast as possible, cloud services enable companies to outsource infrastructure and computing power to run their apps. Developers who are familiar with the most popular cloud computing platforms are in extremely high demand. Indeed.com currently lists a whopping 101,000 open positions related to cloud services.


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform offering software, platform, and infrastructure services to support mobile apps, data warehousing, and other infrastructure requirements for large-scale software.

Pluralsight offers tons of courses on Azure-related topics. To begin exploring the paths and courses available, check out Pluralsight now.


Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud computing system on the planet and handles a huge amount of data for companies organizations all over the world. AWS’s clients include 80% of DAX-listed companies in Germany, as well as the United States Navy.

If you plan to work in mobile application development, data warehousing, or any other large software deployment, you will encounter AWS in your professional life sooner rather than later. Get started learning the ins and outs of AWS at Pluralsight.

Project Management

As development teams continue to grow and remote working becomes more popular, the importance of effective project management cannot be overstated. Even if you’re not a project manager yourself, understanding the language and concepts behind Agile, Scrum, Lean manufacturing and other efficiency methodologies will help you be an effective member of your development team.

Pluralsight offers comprehensive courses in project management topics. They also partner with PMI, CompTIA and to provide continuing education credits to help you achieve and maintain your professional certifications in project management.

Check out options for project management courses on Pluralsight here.

Computer Networking

Communications protocols, systems architecture, information theory, cabling types… These are all aspects of what an expert computer networking specialist needs to know. There are over 20,000 network administrator positions currently listed on indeed.com.


Security is huge. Every aspect of our daily lives seems to have some contact with the digital world these days. As software companies and service providers learn new and innovative ways to collect and analyze data, the importance of protecting privacy and security becomes more critical. Cybersecurity professionals are in-demand. Pluralsight offers some excellent courses to learn everything you need to become a cybersecurity professional.

To learn more about becoming a cybersecurity expert, check out Pluralsight’s security pathways now.

Ethical Hacking

Want to be part of one of the coolest sub-industries in tech? Ethical hackers, or white hats, are security experts who specialize in testing software, networks, and other information systems for vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers learn and use the same types of attacks that black hat (criminal) hackers use, but they do so to help developers and companies improve their resistance to these attacks.

Does the idea of working at the front lines of cybersecurity excite you? Explore Pluralsight’s paths to becoming an ethical hacker today.


With courses in everything from basic coding skills to advanced network security, Pluralsight is an excellent platform for skills-based tech training. If you’re ready to add skills that can advance your career, or help you change careers, sign up for a free trial subscription today!