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Have you ever wished to be a web developer and designer? Have you ever wondered where to start? This article will focus on the importance of the Udemy web designer and developer course. This course will help you in becoming the best in web designing and development.

Back in 2018, I had trained and became a blog and website content creator. It was my most significant achievement in a long time. I used this training course though now it got revised to provide more advanced and modern techniques. I benefited a lot and wanted to share my experience with the hope of inspiring another aspiring website designer/builder.

Where will I get this course?

Visit the Udemy website and go to the development category section of available courses. The course goes by the name of the web developer Bootcamp 2021. This course that now goes at $13.99 saved my tussle.
When I completed the course plus my previous article content creation, I could make enough money even to quit my regular job. I concentrated on content creation, web designing, and development for my client and, to date, make a stable income.

What exactly do web designers and developers do?

This article breaks down its course into various topics that help you acquire web designing and development skills. By the end of the period, you learn about creating and designing websites professionally.

You see those websites that provide beautiful presentations and ease of access and use; you will be able to make all that happen. The course provides you with all the technical knowledge required to program and code the website. The coding and programming make use of visual, UX, and UI elements to make great websites.

Although these terms may sound foreign to you right now, after enrolling in this course, you come out conversant with every word. The need for great web developers keeps rising with the need to make money from online sources, and so by studying this skill, you will create a reliable job base.

What does this online learning course offer to its learners?

This course breaks down its units starting from the easiest to the complex. This way, you learn on a step-by-step basis the concepts of website development and designing. After enrolling in this course, you will do the following and more for website development and designing.

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  • Build up to above 23 custom web development and designs
  • Plan, design, and code your website from scratch until you launch it
  • Search and try modern web tools
  • Use modern technology to code websites and applications using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photos, graphics design, and creation.


The above five skills will help you kick start being the best web designer and developer out there. As you continue with the course, you learn more applicable skills in web development, and you get a guarantee for your money. Some courses offered online may not guarantee you surety in job creation and income generation. With a web development course, you quickly land clients and self-employ by creating your website to sell your products and services.

Affiliate marketers do marketing through their blogs and websites. You also get the chance to offer courses too on a subject you find comfortable. Once I completed this course, I unlocked so much potential in me that I started earning thousands of dollars that I couldn’t make before the training in my regular employed job.

When you learn about web hosting, you add another means to create income from your website. WordPress website creation which I learned in this course, helped me develop and maintain websites for my clients. You will learn all these skills and find a livelihood from developing and designing websites for companies, individual clients, and various brands.
Planning, coding, and designing custom applications will also put you in front of your competitors. The professionalism in disciplines that you learn from this course gives you variety in your job qualification. By studying this course, you also stand a chance to land jobs after receiving a certificate of completion from Udemy.

The course has 30 sections, including lectures that last up to 2 hours. I found these lectures very helpful in getting one-on-one knowledge on the basics of website development and designing. Most times, many online courses provide notes rather than lectures. Lecture classes prove more practical when it comes to online study.

What did the web design course instill in me?

You may be wondering what I was able to do differently after learning this course. Online learning has proven essential in equipping skills that transform our lives indefinitely.

The Introduction to visual design enabled me to acquire knowledge on professionally designing graphics and interfaces for websites.
I was able to do Photoshop using Adobe and advanced in web designing techniques.

I sharpened my skills in HTML and HTML5 creation to a level I never thought I could achieve.

In this era, we all need a side hustle to boost our finances which have become slimmer with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before I landed on the website development niche, my writing for content creation wasn’t enough since I had little money coming into my life. When I put together the content creation and website development skills I had too much to offer, I ended up creating a team of employees to help me handle all my clients’ needs. Most courses online may provide you with so much unpractical information that ends up confusing you the more. As much as this was a paid course, it turned out to be my game-changer plan. As learned through this course, I realized that an ideal web development course should help you:

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  • Start building on real projects
  • Guide you on designing real websites
  • Write codes correctly


Get in touch with real clients to help you do real-life practicing

Udemy website development program, which was unavailable as part of the Moocs (massive open online courses), helped me achieve all the above. I was able to build on real projects within three weeks of my study. The system offered a good guide on designing real websites, and I started making my first one on my first day.

To be a good website developer, you’re required to have good code writing skills. With the guidance that the lectures offered, I started making great codes for my website building.

The guidance on how to get excellent clients that I received on this course acted as a stepping stone to my career success as a website developer. As of August 2021, I still work with clients I made in 2019, developing and designing their WordPress websites. They went ahead and offered me more work to maintain the websites for them.

I got the skills to start my website and personal blog, which have done so well so far. So, you will require investing in an online learning course with excellent online course review for you to excel. Also, look at a platform that allows for your personal growth and commits to seeing you excel like Udemy online learning program.

What projects will the online learning course allow you to build that most Moocs don’t offer?

Most massive open online courses focus on the general information without going into detail. You may grasp an overview of the required information without fully getting the skills to perform real projects. This web development and designing course gives you the privilege of doing the following tasks as part of the learning process.

In Photoshop, you will master how to:

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  • Design custom web graphics
  • Design and produce custom business cards
  • In HTML5 and CSS3, you will learn how to:
  • Code Google landing pages
  • Create “orbiting planets” to do animation in CSS3
  • For MySQL and PHP, you will:
  • Create dynamic websites
  • Create a working “login” and “logout” icon
  • In JavaScript:
  • Create a working “tip calculator.”
  • Create a web application offering a “to do” list


All these real projects will leave you feeling like the ultimate web designer you envision yourself to be. This course provides learners with the necessary skills, expertise, and confidence as professional designers and developers. The angular JS, and WordPress Plugins, consist of other projects you will carry out in this course.

Why should you choose this course over other online learning web designing and development courses?

This course has the best coding instructor Brad Hussey. This instructor has seen over 500,000 students become the best web designers and developers since 2009. As I told you, this field has much potential, and the work here never ends.

This course instructor finds a way to put through boring topics and explaining them in-depth to his students. No single day did I find myself asleep during his lectures, as many other online courses may tempt me.
Do you imagine committing to a course and end up sleeping through most of the lectures not to grasp any content at the end of the day? This course will guarantee you success in your skill area while the information stays engaging and entertaining.


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  • Affordable
  • This course offers detailed training
  • You will get value for your money
  • This course offers a chance for self-employment and financial stability



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  • You will pay to get the course
  • Learning gets done online with no chance for physical learning


Final thought

If you know you aspire to be a great web designer and developer, you should enroll in this course and become successful in your online career. If you already know about web development, this course will also help you improve your coding skills and graphic web development. This course will benefit both aspiring and existing web developers and designers in unlocking their potential.

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